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RF measurements

RF measurements are one of the cornerstone of effective network design and optimization

Collecting and analyzing RF measurements are two of the most fundamental steps in the field of network design and optimization. RF measurements provide industry experts with valuable information about strengths and weaknesses in coverage, capacity and availability within a given area. That information, once carefully analyzed, helps in the calibration of radio propagation models that are critical for coverage & capacity improvement. Siradel has been amassing years of experience in the wireless network optimization sector, researching and developing the most cutting edge and innovative uses for the data gathered from RF measurements. The mobile and wireless technology industry is constantly undergoing rapid development and improvement, and keeping step with the latest advancements requires a propensity for innovation and forward thinking.

Siradel offers just that to its over 200 clients on 5 continents. From RF measurements to map data, Siradel uses all the latest technology available to create unique and customized network design and optimization solutions for its customers, with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our continued participation in a wide variety of studies, field tests and R&D projects reflects our commitment to improving our knowledge base and passing that knowledge on to our customers.


Siradel : the most up-to-date methods for collecting & analyzing RF measurements

The possible applications for data collected from RF measurements are growing longer every day. The importance of RF measurements for the improvement and optimization of wireless networks is key. RF measurements are key in better modelling emerging cellular technology like small cells, MIMO LTE and heterogeneous networks.

Our modern society’s demand for reliable, efficient and comprehensive wireless network access is experiencing exponential growth. This hike in demand has put significant pressure on providers to accommodate the needs and wishes of the customer base. Not only cellular providers are affected by this increased pressure: cities, businesses and universities have joined the ranks of those looking to improve effective communication and data access within their own spheres.

Siradel has stepped up to the challenge by researching and developing the most up-to-date methods for collecting & analyzing RF measurements using that data to provide accurate and efficient coverage & capacity improvement for wireless network optimization teams to its extremely diverse client base.