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An enriched road network modeling at city scale

SIRADEL has developed a unique semi-automatic production chain of 3D road models based on a multi-layered graph including the network itself, the graphical and the traffic level. This product is well-suited for driving simulation or when integration of dynamic objects is required at street level (cars, pedestrians…).

Our original approach allows modeling existing road network thanks to a cost-effective process using SIRADEL’s 3D city models, point clouds or others GIS inputs. We pay a particular attention to the crossroad organization and their integration with the rest of the network. Road models also include a set of attributes such as lane geometry, priorities at intersections, road markings and traffic signs…

Road model includes the network, the graphical and the traffic level
Road model including the network and the traffic level. Colored point clouds (terrestrial LiDAR) are also displayed.
Pedestrian view of the road model
Pedestrian view of the road model, completed by road markings and traffic signs. LiDAR data is visible in the background.


The road networks perfectly fit to any 3D city models produced by SIRADEL

Semi-automatic process for a cost-effective solution

Roads are well integrated into the digital model of terrain (virtual “earthwork”)

Enriched and multi-layer road models ready for a large set of applications

Ideal input for the integration of 3D animations at street level (cars, pedestrians…)


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