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2D geodata at low cost and at any scale from countries to urban areas

SIRADEL’s 2D geodata is well-fitted for a large set of applications, including simulation. It encompasses terrain, land use maps (statistical or at object level, depending on the source resolution), linear vectors and ortho-imagery from 50m to 5m.

At regional and country scales, we use medium or low resolution imagery, associated with open terrain data sources. We also exploit higher resolution source images to reach a description and an understanding of the 2D scene at the object level. Whatever the product, no 3D modeling is considered here.

2D territories at country level, Myanmar.

2D territories at urban level, Astana, Kazakhstan.


Low cost geodata

Suitable for very large scale up to countries and more

Large range of resolution and accuracy for any needs

Up to 21 classes including various kinds of buildings, vegetation…


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