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An integrated, collective approach combined with innovative digital solutions: the key to smarter territories transformations and the building of more connected, sustainable, resilient and attractive territories

As living ecosystems, cities are constantly evolving and coping with more and more diverse challenges that lead to the emergence of new ways of working, moving, interacting and living, as well as new risks.

Floods, fires, cybersecurity threats, pandemics, etc. Here are just a few examples of the numerous risks faced by cities and territories around the world, for which the ability to measure, prevent and overcome them has become a priority to allow every citizen to live well and safe.

In this context, being able to have a transversal vision of all the city’s challenges and risks and assess transformation impacts on social, economical or environmental indicators is key to develop sustainable territories.

That it’s for air pollution reduction, new energy programs development, new infrastructure network design, new resiliency policies implementation or innovative services creation for businesses and citizens, cities are today searching for new methods and tools that would help anticipate risks, make more advised decisions, optimize costs and share information easily while federating all stakeholders to create pleasant and safe places to live in.

To this end, digital innovation appears as a powerful tool to bring concrete and efficient solutions in response to these challenges and global wish to shape a more resilient future.

Digital Twins and Visualization Platforms for improved decision-making and planning

Combining 3D Digital Twins of cities and an open Smart City Platform, offering advanced data visualization, analysis and simulation capabilities for intelligent urban planning and risk management, Siradel brings its innovative solutions, allowing a comprehensive understanding of all the territory’s characteristics and challenges, to assist cities in their transformation for the driving of smarter sustainability and resiliency initiatives.

Digital twins

Smart City Platform

Visualize, assess, decide and optimize your transformation projects with a unique collaborative Smart City platform!

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