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Telefónica has been using Volcano propagation model for 20 years. Thanks to its 3D ray tracing capabilities, it offers ultimate accuracy for multi-floor indoor predictions both for macro cells and small cells, including new frequency band challenges. Volcano makes radio planning simple, accurate and fast at every stage of the network design and deployment. A single adaptive propagation model is used for an entire country to generate national coverage maps in less than 24 hours, with multi-resolution map data.
Ignacio Berberana, Global CTO group, Telefónica

Proximus Belgium

We are very pleased with the quality of the work that SIRADEL’s team has delivered, which allowed us to run the deployment project smoothly with very useful and accurate information about the coverage of our network. It allowed us to evaluate precisely the number of gateways required to meet our objectives and to communicate with confidence the coverage of our network with our prospects and customers. We are quite impressed by SIRADEL professionalism and reactivity of its employees, and would recommend SIRADEL to anyone in charge of radio planning.
Alex Thomas, LoRa program manager, Proximus Belgium


Sagemcom, as Founding Member of the LoRa™ Alliance is pleased to welcome SIRADEL as an active member of the Alliance. SIRADEL has proven its expertise in wireless propagation and network design for more than 20 years and the release of S_IoT is a major asset for the LoRa ecosystem. Sagemcom had the opportunity to use SIRADEL’s solution for LoRa network planning in a very challenging environment and the outputs were outstanding.
Thierry Lestable, Technology & Innovation at Sagemcom Office of the CTO, and Vice Chairman of the LoRa™ Alliance


The flexible SaaS access and the advanced features of S_IoT help us to answer specific requests from our customers at all stages of network life cycle: dimensioning, planning and monitoring.
Yannick Delibie, CTIO, Kerlink

City of Santiago

This is a project that the city of Santiago has dreamed about for many years but never seen in the way we see it today. […] The project team understood us perfectly, as did our municipal team, with a capacity and willingness to absorb all this information become part of the reality of our vision for this city, all within a very short period of time. […] We were delighted and very grateful for this opportunity to enable and support the sustainability aspects of this initiative, one which we feel is very important for Santiago.
Carolina Toha, Mayor, Santiago, Chile

Brest Métropole Océane

Nous avons particulièrement apprécié la prise en compte de nos préoccupations de gestionnaire de la donnée (structuration, précision, divers formats) et les compétences de nos interlocuteurs dans le domaine des SIG 3D.
Francois Vigouroux, Responsable géomatique, Brest Métropole Océane

Nîmes Métropole

Nous avons pu nous rendre compte de la qualité du travail de SIRADEL ainsi que de son efficacité à tenir compte de nos remarques.[…] Nous sommes très satisfaits de la qualité des restitutions livrées et confiant pour la continuité de notre projet.
Olivier Bailly, Directeur des Systèmes d’Informations, Nîmes Métropole

CSL Hong Kong

When changing equipment supplier, SIRADEL played a fundamental role. It provided a turnkey solution including High Resolution 3D Geodata, CW measurement data collection and Volcano radio propagation model, leading to very accurate RF predictions with high KPI levels and wide application range in a challenging environment such as Hong Kong.
Terrence Lee, Radio Planning Manager, CSL Hong Kong

Movistar Colombia

SIRADEL’s know-how in map data and RF propagation modeling is very solid. In Colombia, a challenging environment due to complex tropical weather, and complex terrain with dense vegetation, SIRADEL has been able to produce quickly a large amount of map data with high level quality across the dense urban, urban and suburban environments.
Alvaro Otero, Director Radio Access, Movistar Colombia

O2 Czech Republic

SIRADEL’s Volcano radio propagation model coupled with high resolution 3D geodata, has permitted to perform radio simulation much closer to reality than with standard propagation models based on Okumura-Hata. SIRADEL’s R&D benefits us a lot in improving the quality of our network.
Michael Steuer, RF Planning Manager, O2 Czech Republic
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