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3D solutions for smart city planning


SIRADEL’s solutions for smart city planning are built as a pyramid, whose the foundation is 3D data, completed by software and services. First, the 3D territory models stand for the bedrock of any project. They are available at different levels of detail according to the needs, and are enriched with collected or computed geodata. This whole data set is processed and maintained in a common 3D repository that grows over time.

Second, the SIRADEL’s Smart City ExplorerTM suite enables to access, display in 3D and edit this data, along with to virtually build urban networks and launch 3D simulations (performances and impacts).

Services encompass massive geodata management, radio, urban and software engineering, and customized 3D tools and supports for communication and marketing.

3D data

Regions and countries

Differents types of low and high resolution 2D and 3D geodata at very large scales.

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Accurate and realistic 3D city models from the city scale to building (indoor/outdoor), including unique 3D road models.

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Street level

360° panoramic views, LiDAR point clouds, 3D thermography. An other way to scan, measure, audit and view the city at street level.

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Smart City ExplorerTM

Smart City ExplorerTM is an open and collaborative platform with advanced features for interactive 3D visualization, simulation and planning of any kind of urban infrastructures or projects.

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Smart City ExplorerTM can be enriched with expert computation plugins. In the field of connectivity, the leading Volcano radio propagation modeling software is used standalone or into specialized S_Backhaul or S_IoT (“Low Power Wide Area Networks”) modules.

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Environmental 3D simulations

Smart City ExplorerTM can be enriched with expert computation plugins. Thanks to its API, any 3D simulation tools can benefit from its innovative features and ecosystem.

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Geodata management

Based on its strong expertise in 2D and 3D geo-data production and visualization, SIRADEL has built a framework to organize, enrich and access geospatial data with cutting edge performance.

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Radio engineering

SIRADEL helps you to address challenging radio propagation-related situations, from coverage and capacity improvement, to a customized assistance for technology assessment and strategic decision-making.

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Software engineering

Smart City Media is a 3D engine and framework that allows interactive display of 3D city models, along with any associated urban data: network infrastructures, urban projects, but also a large range of geodata.

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Urban engineering

SIRADEL assists its customers to assess the current state of an urban territory and to plan the deployment of new urban infrastructures.

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The 3D data can be displayed in many ways depending on the need. SIRADEL has been developing many 3D visualization techniques and modes of interaction with the 3D scene.

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