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Best connectivity at street level and reliable coverage assessment


The Wireless Industry faces new challenges such as the optimization and densification of mobile communication relay antennas in an urban area. The deployment of small-cells (micro-cells) on street poles and below rooftops require an accurate 3D modeling of the environment. Besides, the concentration of users in indoor environment requires to accurately predict the quality of service that can be offered inside buildings The accuracy and reliability of a combination of 3D geodata, propagation models and professional design software are crucial to place the transmitters, to determine the visibility conditions (Line of Sight or obstructed), and to predict accurately the small cell coverage area and capacity offload.
An additional problem to solve is the design of heterogeneous networks combining high-bit rate data communication 5G networks and lower bit-rate over wider areas offered by the Cellular Internet of Things.
SIRADEL provides expert advices, data and tools to overcome the challenges related to those emerging topics.

3D data

Regions and countries

Low and high resolution 2D and 3D geodata at very large scales, optimized for radio simulations.

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Accurate 3D city models from the city scale to building, optimized for radio simulations.

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Smart City ExplorerTM

Smart City ExplorerTM is an open and collaborative platform with advanced features for interactive 3D visualization, simulation and planning of any kind of communication networks.

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Smart City ExplorerTM can be enriched with expert computation plugins. In the field of connectivity, the leading Volcano radio propagation modeling software is used standalone or into specialized S_Backhaul or S_IoT (“Low Power Wide Area Networks”) modules.

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Geodata management

Based on its strong expertise in 2D and 3D geo-data production and visualization, SIRADEL has built a framework to organize, enrich and access geospatial data with cutting edge performance.

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Software engineering

Smart City Media is a 3D engine and framework that allows interactive display of 3D city models, along with any associated urban data: network infrastructures, urban projects, but also a large range of geodata.

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Radio engineering

SIRADEL helps you to address challenging radio propagation-related situations, from coverage and capacity improvement, to a customized assistance for technology assessment and strategic decision-making.

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Case studies

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