Radio Engineering services for wireless network planning

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SIRADEL proposes a unique expertise in propagation model calibration and advanced challenges for any wireless network (cellular incl. 5G, FWA, IoT, private network, etc.) working closely with operators CTOs, R&D research centers, regulators and equipment providers, acting as a technology & strategy advisors.


Siradel on-field measurement campaigns

SIRADEL has performed worldwide radio measurement campaigns of different types (CW, SCAN, QoS, channel sounder, etc.) within multiple environments (cities, rural, mountain, indoors, in-train, etc.) and frequency bands (from 400MHz to mmW band). Based on its large experience and collaborations with operators, SIRADEL has developed a unique proprietary methodology, providing reliable and accurate tuned models.

Futhermore, SIRADEL brings its unique set of 3D data, tools and expertise to support its customers’ teams answering new challenges i.e. new frequency bands (mmW) or technology (5G, 802.11, MIMO and beamforming) management, novel network architecture (cloud, fronthaul) or equipment characterization.

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