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Accurate 3D maps and operational GIS Data for smart city

Relying on a strong expertise in 3D modelling, data management and a superior AI-based 3D GIS data production process, Siradel provides accurate Digital Twins of territories and a complete portfolio of optimized 3D GIS data products for smart city and wireless network planning.
With 50,000+ km2 off-the-shelf, Siradel produces realistic and accurate 3D models of cities and territories, worldwide at any scale and level of details, using stereo satellite, aerial or terrestrial images, or LiDAR.

Discover Siradel’s large range of data products from 3D GIS data to realistic Digital Twins and indoor 3D models.


3D Territory Maps3D Territory Maps

SIRADEL has designed an innovative high-resolution 3D GIS data product particularly adapted to very large territories. It offers highly detailed and accurate 3D Territory maps at optimized cost.

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3D city modelingCity 3D Models

Accurate city models are key to dispose of a common 3D repository to think and co-design the city collectively. Integrating buildings, urban infrastructures and vegetation, SIRADEL City 3D models are ready for simulation and 3D visualization.

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3D street3D Street & building

Areas of interest need to be modeled with high level of details, especially when navigation at street level is required. SIRADEL 3D street and building models include architectural details, indoor 3D immersion, roads, street furniture, trees, etc.

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Data aggregation in a Digital TwinDigital Twins & Data aggregation

Producing high-quality GIS data and aggregating all the territory’s data in the digital twin, Siradel has built a unique platform to organize, enrich and access GIS data with cutting-edge performance.

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