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Powerful tools for accurate network planning

Siradel’s 5G network planning solutions
Facing new challenges with the rise of 5G, the coming of 6G and a growing level of densification, telecom operators are looking for efficient network planning solutions to guarantee best quality service to their customers, in any type of environment and configurations.

Siradel provides comprehensive solutions, combining 3D digital maps, advanced propagation models (leading radio propagation model, Volcano) and simulation software to optimize any network planning and deployment, including 5G, FWA, IoT, etc.

3D GIS data

Siradel produces high-quality 3D GIS data at various scales optimized for radio planning.

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Discover our large range of advanced software for wireless network planning and design.

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Radio Engineering Services

Discover Siradel’s radio engineering services addressing telecommunication network planning challenges.

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