Propagation model calibration for RAN Sharing project

/ Portfolio Item / Propagation model calibration for RAN Sharing project

Project Description

SIRADEL has been consulted by a joint-venture between two Tier-1 Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in Northern Europe, sharing their cellular infrastructure.

The objective was to improve the accuracy of their coverage simulations, and set up a common base between the two MNO, so as to compare the coverage obtained by the joint-venture, whereas each MNO is using specific radio planning tools and propagation models.

The project consisted in running a CW campaign over the whole country over 3 frequencies in use by the network. Then, we calibrated the propagation models used by all parties, and normalized the calibration to get similar results over the differents platforms. Thus, SIRADEL improved the operational efficiency of the RAN sharing by making easier the exchanges between parties.

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