Exposure to the electromagnetic field

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Project Description

Territoires, an urban planning company located in Rennes, has launched a study on the establishment of cellular radio infrastructure (3G, 4G) in the territory of the “ZAC The Courrouze” (urban development zone), an eco-district of 565 ha. The objective was to select a neutral expert in charge of doing recommandations for an optimal antennas establishment, taking into account for the quality of service and the impact of electromagnetic waves. The results were used to educate and reassure citizens.

SIRADEL considered the existing antennas of all telecom operators, for differents technologies, in the neighborhood of the urban project. In addition to SIRADEL’s 3D city models (existing buildings), we also got 3D models of the urban project itself to run simulations of radio coverage, quality of services and exposure of electromagnetic field. We particularly focused our attention on some critical areas such as a pedestrian street and a nursery.

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