Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet) are a viable answer to absorb the rocketing network traffic. In particular, small cells are a key element of this solution when appropriately deployed in high traffic locations. However, one of the main challenges for small cells adoption is the backhaul design.

Existing solution such as optical fiber or line-of-sight (LOS) microwave systems used for macro-cells don’t scale for small cells. Aside from technical limitations of some technologies, the fundamental challenge is that of cost: small cell backhaul has to be very cost effective for the entire business case for small cell deployments to be widely adopted.

This white paper provides an overview of the planning and design of Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless backhaul systems. When macro LOS design is relatively straightforward, NLOS backhaul design for small cells is less. SIRADEL expertise centered around Volcano propagation models combined with 3D map data can help you facilitate it across environments. NLOS systems can be deployed anywhere very quickly and as a result provide a very cost effective solution both in terms of capital and operational expenditures than current wireless and wireline solutions that are significantly more expensive.