5Gwireless (H2020)

5Gwireless5Gwireless is a collaborative European project funded by the EU under the ITN (Innovative Training Network) Marie Curie program (started in 2015). It aims at creating a training and research environment for young European and international researchers working on 5G innovations.

The project has three main objectives:

1) optimize the network architectures and topologies, e.g. with device-centric, and ultra-dense networks (UDN);

2) design new transmission technologies based on massive MIMO and mmWave; and

3) introduce new methodological approaches for network optimization.

Presentation of SIRADEL’s ESRs’ work on 5G mmW and massive antenna arrays systems.

SIRADEL efforts in this project are mostly focused on the MIMO, mmWave channel models and simulation, and on the Ultra Dense Network topology assessments.
In February 2018, three ESRs from Siradel, University of Dresden and Polytechnic University of Catalonia are conducting together their research at the Siradel premises, share their views and combine all their efforts to innovate on 5G millimeter-wave and massive antenna arrays systems.

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