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Brave is a collaborative research project started in January 2018, that aims at creating new physical-layer (PHY) techniques devoted to beyond-5G wireless communications. The partners are designing new high-data-rate and energy-efficient waveforms that operate in frequencies above 90 GHz. They are combining skills from an industry (Siradel), an academic laboratory (Centrale-Supélec), a research institute (CEA-Leti) and a regulator (ANFR) to efficiently tackle the different challenges of the project: regulation, signal processing,
realistic modelling of the PHY-layer, and software-based evaluation.

Y. Corre (Siradel’s Wireless CTO – Head of Research & Technology) presenting BRAVE project at ICT Saint Malo 2018.

Funded by the French Research Agency ANR, the BRAVE project will go to its end in December 2020.
Coordinating the project, Siradel will extend its propagation channel models and high-frequency network simulators to sub-THz bands and contribute to the evaluation and demonstration of beyond-5G communication scenarios.
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