The Covera5Ge project is dedicated to the optimization of 5G private network design and deployment for various applications (incl. Public Safety, venues, etc).
Siradel, together with the project partners, ENENSYS Technologies, Centrale Supelec and DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement), will collaborate on the development of innovative and efficient approaches relying on 5G broadcast and multicast technologies.
Optimized infrastructure and resource utilization will provide enhanced performance to video mission-critical services or broadband low-latency applications such as wireless TV cameras or augmented reality in crowded areas.
Expert in environment and propagation modeling, Siradel is glad to bring its global experience in wireless network planning and advanced planning tools to contribute to this collaborative project aiming at building an efficient, reliable and sustainable connectivity to support new use cases.
Covera5Ge project illustration

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