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With the emergence of 5G and the deployment of fixed fiber networks, there is a significant market opportunity to share infrasturcture and therefore lower the total cost of deployment. SIRADEL has been working with the FTTH council to demonstrate the value of this converegence between fixed and mobile networks.

Resulting 5G-Fiber converged network
Average cost saving of 22%

Collaborating with Comsof, we recently published a joint Whitepaper in which we evaluate and demonstrate the value of infrastructure sharing for smarter and more cost-efficient network designs:

Last year, Comsof and Siradel carried out a study that was commissioned by the FTTH Council Europe. After analyzing a variety of scenarios (from dense urban to rural), we found that if an FTT-5G network is anticipated while planning for an FTTH network, the range of cost savings for the 5G fronthaul due to convergence can reach between 65% and 96%. In other words, the extra investment on top of an FTTH network to make it 5G ready is in a range of 3% to 7%. The main reason why extra costs are so low, is that civil works such as trenching – which is the major cost driver – just need to happen once.Download the full Whitepaper here.

Also, please find the link to Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof, presentation at the 2019 FTTH Conference in Amsterdam, relating the joint study carried out with SIRADEL’s team and quantifying the potential cost savings resulting from building converged 5G-fiber networks.


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