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Visualization of 3D data for all your needs

3D data produced or integrated by SIRADEL can be displayed in many ways, at different scales, depending on the need. We help to define how our customers want to show, access and interact with the data, the target platforms and users/audience (engineers, elected, citizens), along with the user experience and the right level of information we want the user to know. The good readability of data is of paramount importance, especially when we go across scales.

The SIRADEL’s production and post-processing chain has been designed to export 3D models compliant with a large set of platforms: PC, tablets, smartphones, Web, immersive room, virtual and augmented reality… This implies to adapt data according to the overall performances and constraints of the imaging chain (storage, access, display).


Integration and 3D visualization of the impact of a new urban service
Integration and 3D visualization of the impact of a new urban service
Interactive 3D visualization in 360° panoramic views of the propagation of the electromagnetic field, simulated from SIRADEL’s Volcano software, Paris, France.
Interactive 3D visualization of 4G small cells performance. Multipath and electromagnetic field exposure, Paris, France


SIRADEL is one of the only companies in the world that masters the complete 3D data chain from production to exploitation on various platforms

More than twenty years of experience to support many kinds of customers allows us to provides innovative way of displaying 3D data


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