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A 3D common repository for all city stakeholders

The notions of 3D common repository and data governance are key points to ensure an optimum exploitation, and therefore, an effective decision-making and a better valorization. Our customers have to manage a huge amount of urban data, which is heterogeneous, possibly varying in space and time, collected or produced from public (including open data) and private sources. Such data has to be qualified, processed, stored, secured and tracked throughout its lifecycle.

The 3D common repository aims at bringing to all city stakeholders a unique and approved reference based on a 3D modeling of a territory (the foundation), enriched by any kind of geodata, while ensuring consistency between all of them. Therefore, urban planners, architects, engineers but also elected and metropolitan technical services have access to the same level of knowledge and can collectively enrich this 3D repository with new urban indicators, but also compare scenarios.

This also requires the use of a collaborative platform like Smart City Explorer, which has to be remotely accessible, open and therefore able to be interfaced with a larger ecosystem (computational tools, additional data bases…), but also a methodology that guaranties the proper exploitation of data.


A unique repository, which ensures consistency of data all along the project lifecycle and beyond

Guarantee a collaborative approach of smart city planning, effective decision-making and a better valorization of data

Part of a larger geospatial data management solution, including the Smart City Explorer platform

Data formats and database management systems depend on requirements


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