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A framework to host and share geospatial data

Geospatial data is everywhere and rapidly increases. We enter into an era in which all infrastructures, persons, and any everyday objects, will be connected and capable of generating and processing data. This means that cities, utilities, operators have to handle petabytes and more of geodata, stored in silos. SIRADEL helps his customers in increasing value of their geospatial data by building a core platform to host analytics services and visualize 3D maps and geodata.

Based on its expertise in 2D and 3D geo-data production and visualization, SIRADEL has built a framework to organize, enrich and access geospatial data with cutting-edge performance.

SIRADEL’s framework is focused on cross-disciplinary analytics, positioning Smart City Explorer as the geospatial data sharing tool, and provides patterns to facilitate collaborative work with geospatial data.


Helps coordination between services and organizations in your community

Explore cross-referenced data by combining and merging layers

Fix ideas with 3D visualization and publish maps to the web

Ensure data sustainability with a scalable and smart way to store

Welcome apps developers in an open framework


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