Measurements stand at the heart of our managed service approach

With more than 20 years of wireless propagation modeling experience, SIRADEL is the best partner to specify and carry out measurement data collection of premium quality in a time and cost effective approach. Data analysis is based on an innovative methodology and in-house advanced processing and reporting tools.

SIRADEL offers a comprehensive range of measurement data in a managed service approach, including Continuous Wave (CW) data, scanner data, handset data and field meter data, enabling to cover separately or simultaneously some of the main challenges during wireless network operations and providing decision helpers and communication means for:

  • Propagation model calibration and RF Simulation chain implementation
  • Network design and optimization through accurate simulations
  • Network quality of service assessment and improvement
  • Electromagnetic field exposure monitoring and management

SIRADEL collects data from temporary CW transmitters or existing network antenna and manages the data post–processing as well as the analysis of the results. Measurement services are not only limited to drive-tests but also include walk-tests (outdoor and indoor) and specific measurement (in-train, boats…).

SIRADEL database counts millions of CW off-the-shelf measurements over all continents for several environments, including newest technologies and various frequencies (sub-6GHz to mmWave) that could be reused to provide cost-effective and reliable models while shortening time to market.


Independent and unique company profile (expert in wireless propagation modeling and geo data production)

Worldwide database of premium quality continuous wave (CW) data

Appropriate measurement data (type, premium quality and quantity)

Proprietary advanced software to process data and automatically tune and validate any RF propagation model or carry out advanced analysis and benchmark


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