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A wide range of services

Thanks to its expertise in both geodata and RF, SIRADEL is able to deal with challenging, complex, and specific radio propagation-related situations, aiming for coverage and capacity improvement. Our services include:

  • Wireless coverage prediction commitment
  • Operational network rollout
  • Wireless network evolution analysis, with MIMO and beamforming
  • Cellular network optimization (densification, spectrum refarming)
  • Outdoor-to-indoor and indoor-to-outdoor interference analysis
  • Multi-system coverage studies (heterogeneous networks)
  • Human exposure to the electromagnetic field
  • Coverage improvement for specific events: exhibition halls, sports arenas…
  • Radio-channel characterization of confined environments (tunnels, oil platforms, nuclear plants, cargo ships…)
Siradel small cell backhaulIndoor coverage

Outdoor 4G small-cell deploymentOutdoor 4G small-cell deployment


The only company with expertise in both geodata and radio planning

High level of experience of our RF engineers, with over 10 years of experience on average

Adaptability to your constraints: time, technology, budget…

2D maps and 3D cities off-the-shelf worldwide with metric precision

At the forefront of radio planning with best-in-class radio propagation model


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