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SIRADEL experts work closely with CTOs, network evolution departments, along with regulators, major Mobile Network Operators (MNO), and technology equipment providers. We bring our unique set of data, software and expertise to support the customers’ advanced teams to answer challenging issues, from radio spectrum management to radio planning and optimisation, RAN sharing, smart cities, and Internet of Things), and provide insightful and illustrated reports for the decision-makers. The deliverables offer directly actionable decisions and processes.

Spectrum & network predesign

SIRADEL helps its customers to evaluate the technical and economical feasibility of new technologies, and provides insights regarding to spectrum valuation so as to optimize bidding processes. We build technical and financial models of radio networks, whatever the technology (cellular, backhaul, IoT, broadcast…), the environment (rural, urban…), or the network’s size. We bring support in the network predesign phase, by providing precise insights regarding the technology identification, the frequency planning, and site positioning, leading to detailed technical designs and business plans.

Network sharing

It ranges from passive sharing of cell sites and masts to sharing of radio access networks (RANs) and others active elements. SIRADEL, an independent expert, can assist mobile network operators evaluating RAN sharing opportunity to pick the best solution for all parties. SIRADEL can also bring its technology and know-how to simplify the operational processes involved between all parties, by providing a common base for radio network planning and optimisation with its geodata portfolio and Volcano radio propagation model.

Network densification

To cope with the spectrum crunch and increasing capacity challenges, MNO have to densify and complement the macro layers with energy-efficient small cells. The combination of site topologies, known as heterogeneous networks, is very challenging to design and manage with existing RF planning tools. We assist MNO in estimating in-building and outdoor radio coverage, and to design the most coherent network fitting within both operational and financial requirements, so as to increase revenues while optimizing CAPEX and OPEX of the new infrastructure.

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