SIRADEL makes easier connections between data and software infrastructures

All databases, platforms and software components edited by SIRADEL for more than 20 years have to be easily connected to a large ecosystem. As an example, SIRADEL has developed efficient APIs (“Application Programming Interfaces”) that enabled to plug its best-in-class Volcano software component to a dozen of major radio planning tools. Similarly, Smart City Explorer has been developed around a plugin-based architecture: its API allows connecting SIRADEL or 3rd-party simulation software to the platform.

Thanks to this strong knowhow, SIRADEL can support new demands and bring dedicated APIs to connect its products, or those of its customers, to an always more larger ecosystem.



Empower your back-end with scalable geospatial data management capabilities, and enter a new data visualization experience

Take the complexity out of 3D geospatial development with the Smart City Explorer API that offers you a stable environment for building new applications


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