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As a leader in network planning and optimization and as a member of the Engie group, leader of the world energy transition, SIRADEL offers innovative solutions for multi infrastructure network planning, including connectivity/Telecom, security, mobility, air quality, lighting, etc.

Multi infrastructure network planning

From its expertise in 3D GIS data and wireless network modeling, SIRADEL is able to support its customers in answering challenging network design issues, aiming for specific environments (cities, campuses, industrial areas, tunnels, HAP, UAV, etc.), infrastructure sharing requirement (RAN sharing, 5G wireless/fiber convergence, etc.), risk management or multi-applications (smart poles for lighting, CCTV, connectivity, sensor monitoring, etc.).

By leveraging its 3D Smart City Platform, SIRADEL is also able to measure or compute tailor-made indicators to make a diagnosis, predict the possible valorization or impact of a future transformation. Typical indicators include human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), assets valorization (towerco sites, real estate, etc.), green energy production capability (wind and solar potential) and well-being in urban areas (access to services, traffic, comfort, pollution, etc.).


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