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Computation of 3D urban indicators for city assessment

Each new project (urban project or the deployment of urban infrastructures) requires first assessing the current state of the targeted territories in terms of morphology, topology, density, existing infrastructures, population, but also impacts (pros and cons) and performances. This will drive further investigations. SIRADEL assists its customers to establish the big picture thanks to its strong expertise in GIS data management and processing, along with environmental 3D simulations and measurements.

The thousands of SIRADEL’s 3D city models already available are key inputs to access to a large set of simulations. The actual performances of many infrastructures can be computed or predicted, in the fields of telecom (radio coverage and performances, impact of the electromagnetic field…), but also security (coverage of CCTV cameras), energy (solar potential) or public street lighting. The impact of human activities can also be simulated: noise, air quality… Other environmental urban indicators are focusing on the notion of human well-being (connectivity, access to services, comfort….).

Solar potential 3D simulation of solar potential on rooftops
Dynamic 3D visualization of a comfort indicator in public space, Mulhouse, France.
Dynamic 3D visualization of a comfort indicator in public space, Mulhouse, France
Exposure to the electromagnetic field
Exposition to the electromagnetic field
SCE_histogramme_populationRepartition of population in Santiago, Chile


Thousands of 3D city models off the shelf ready for 3D simulations

Transversal approaches for addressing any silos of the city

Combination of GIS data processing, 3D simulations and measurements

The platform Smart City Explorer enables to connect computation tools to display outcome urban indicators in 3D


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