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A complete engineering solution for smart infrastructures planning

For more than 20 years, SIRADEL has been assisting hundreds of telecom operators, cities and service providers to plan and optimize their telecommunication networks. We enter an era where any urban infrastructures have to be more efficient and resilient. Communication networks are of course a key enabler to optimize operations and offering new value-added services to operators and citizens. Howewer, the SIRADEL’s software and methodology enables our customers to dispose of a complete solution for planning in 3D any kind of urban networks.

Geodata collection and management in a common 3D repository stands for the first step before starting an assessment of the urban territory. This can be achieved thanks to the collaborative platform Smart City Explorer, which can be connected to SIRADEL’s or 3rd-party simulation software. City assessment is based on the computation of urban indicators thanks to a combination of GIS data processing, 3D simulations and measurements. Smart City Explorer enables first getting access to SIRADEL’s accurate 3D city models and other map products, then, key components of an infrastructure can be imported or created, edited and configured before simulating both their performances and their impacts (pros and cons).

Planning of a CCTV network: dynamic simulation of visibility maps, Mulhouse, France.
Planning of a CCTV network: dynamic simulation of 3D visibility maps, Mulhouse, France
4G bitrates along bus lines4G bitrates along bus lines in Santiago, Chile


Thousands of 3D city models off-the-shelf ready for infrastructures planning

Build or import in the 3D scene any kind of urban networks with Smart City Explorer

Complete solution that encompasses 3D cities, engineering software and big geodata management

Compute and predict performances and impacts of infrastructures virtually integrated in a 3D territory with Smart City Explorer


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