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Software for enhancing connectivity and smart city planning

SIRADEL edits software for more than twenty years. Historically, Volcano is a radio propagation model software component used worldwide by hundreds of stakeholders in the telecom sector. Volcano is also part of the Smart City Explorer suite, which includes a core platform for interactive 3D visualization, simulation and smart city planning, and simulation components (S_Products’ expert software components), such as S_5GConnect and S_IoT in the field of connectivity.

Smart City ExplorerTM

Smart City Explorer is an open and collaborative platform with advanced features for interactive 3D visualization, simulation and planning of any kind of urban infrastructures or projects. Smart City Explorer permits to break down the traditional silos of the city by bringing connections between them.

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Volcano 5G – leading propagation model

Propagation model software with unique 3D ray tracing capabilities, Volcano is the fastest and most accurate propagation model in the market for small cells & millimeter wave networks.

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S_5GChannel – 5G channel simulation platform

S_5GChannel is a new simulation solution for advanced 3D channel modeling for realistic performance assessment of new 4G and 5G spectrum usage, network deployment strategy, algorithms, hardware equipment, chipset design, etc.

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S_5GConnect – 5G Access and Backhaul design

S_5GConnect is the leading software to accurately simulate and deploy any Backhaul and 5G Fixed Wireless networks.

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S_IoT – Internet of Things network planning

S_IoT is the first dedicated radio planning tool for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWA), available online as a turn-key cloud-enabled tool.

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