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Leveraging 3D multi path technology for accurate and coherent network planning

Volcano is a cutting-edge radio propagation modeling software, used worldwide (100+ mobile operators in 50+ countries) in the leading commercial radio planning tools, and in SIRADEL’s platform Smart City Explorer.

Based on our 20-years experience in geodata production and wireless radio engineering, Volcano is the unique solution on the market combining an unrivalled accuracy at the best computation speed, with recognized robustness and reliability to cope with large scale and operational environments. Thanks to its ray tracing capabilities, Volcano is the right solution for next generation networks, such as small cells deployment, and new frequency band challenges, such as millimeter waves. It also brings ultimate accuracy for multi-floor indoor predictions in complex environments, both for macro and small cells.

Volcano is also extensively used for rural and urban macrocell planning and optimization, thus offering a comprehensive propagation model covering all configurations.

Radio network engineering

The Volcano propagation models’ suite has been designed by and for RF engineers. It allows to highly decrease the number of needed propagation models, making easier the model assignment for existing networks. By using our proven operational solutions, many RF engineers have benefited from a single adaptive propagation model for an entire country, using multi-layer and multi-resolution geodata.

Smart City Explorer is available as a SaaS solution that combines flexibility while reducing hardware requirements. The user can easily access to both SIRADEL’s accurate 3D city models, worldwide, and expert Volcano-based plugins, such as S_5GConnect or S_IoT, so as to predict wireless backhaul or IoT simulations in urban and rural environments.

4G coverage simulation at countryscale, France
DVB-T multi-floor indoor simulation, Dubai
DVB-T multi-floor indoor simulation, Dubai

What our clients say about Volcano

Logo Orange

Volcano propagation model from Siradel allow us to simulate and define our objective in term of target plan. The accuracy of the coverages provided are a key element of our geo-marketing strategy.
Senior RAN Solution Engineer , Orange Belgium has been using Volcano since January 2004


Our partnership with SIRADEL enables us to address the needs of 5G mmWave bands including 28GHz, 38GHz and 42GHz today.
Thomas Neubauer, Teoco VP Innovation


Dimensioning: provide accurate and fast predictions to estimate the network size thanks to a wide range of pre-calibrated parameters

Design: reduce the number of models while guaranteeing the best accuracy

Model calibration: reduce the number of drive tests and required accurate models

Optimization: reduce the need for optimization thanks to accurate network design


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