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A collaborative platform dedicated to 3D smart city planning

Smart City Explorer is an open and collaborative platform (in SaaS or standalone) with advanced features for interactive 3D visualization, simulation and planning of any kind of urban infrastructures or projects. Smart City Explorer breaks down the traditional silos of the city by bringing connections between them. It is the perfect tool for collectively thinking the city since it ensures the link between the common 3D repository, used jointly and collectively updated by all stakeholders, and computational tools, which allows designing, optimizing and planning urban infrastructures (telecom networks, public lighting, CCTV cameras, underground networks, transportation…).

Smart City Explorer has a key role since it enables first getting access to SIRADEL’s accurate 3D city models and other map products, or simply starting from Google 2D maps. Then, key components of an infrastructure can be imported or created, edited and configured. The next step involves the simulation stage.

Open architecture for 3D engineering and simulation

Smart City Explorer has been developed around a plugin-based architecture: an API (Application Programming Interface) allows connecting SIRADEL or 3rd-party simulation software to the platform. As an example, SIRADEL edits a set of plugins dedicated to ensure connectivity between people, objects and infrastructures: Volcano’s RF propagation model, S_5GConnect for wireless backhaul design or S_IoT for Internet of Things network planning. Other computational tools can also be plugged and used in an interactive way (noise, air quality, solar potential, wind…).

Smart City Explorer also provides advanced functionalities for displaying in 3D at any scale simulation outcomes along with other GIS data, as well as data edition capabilities (including geospatial data), analysis and export.

Interactive visualization of open data from Smart City Explorer
Interactive visualization of open data from Smart City Explorer (Air Parif’s air quality monitoring)

Wireless network planning and 3D visualization of radio wave propagation


An innovative collaborative platform for smart city planning based on 3D geospatial data visualization and simulation at large scale

Can be used remotely thanks to SaaS or stand alone

Designed to be used by all city stakeholders (architects, city planner, engineers, elected…) thanks to its connection with a 3D repository and advanced engineering features (dedicated plugins)

Unique and efficient visualization modes of environmental phenomena in 3D


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