Digital Twins & Data aggregation

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Combining its accurate 3D Territory Maps with operational and GIS data, Siradel helps city stakeholders to better understand and transform their territory through the building of its Digital Twin.

Digital Twins and Data aggregation

Solar potential of Izmit (Turkey) harbor’s roofs

Siradel produces high-quality GIS data and realistic 3D models of the city, at any scale and level of details, aggregating all the territory’s data collected from GIS, IoT/sensors networks and connected infrastructure: mobility, connectivity, energy, housing, socio-economics, etc. in a 3D common repository.

Serving as the core platform to compute innovative urban indicators such as air quality, heat islands, solar potential, EMF exposure, 5G coverage, etc, this shared and exhaustive 3D referential allows better territory audit and analysis, easier data sharing and optimized urban transformation while increasing value of 3D GIS data through a unique 3D visualization platform.


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