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Unique smart city platform to operate the Digital Twin of territories

Smart City Explorer, a unique Smart City platform

Smart City Explorer is an open and collaborative platform to visualize, analyze and share data in 3D for the co-construction of sustainable territories.

Aggregating all the territory’s data in a common secure 3D City Information Model and delivering advanced visualization features, Smart City Explorer allows to simulate performances and impacts of infrastructures and urban projects, compare scenarios, manage risks and share projects to all stakeholders.

From the design of a new CCTV camera or public lighting network to the planning of an energy transition program, Smart City Explorer offers a transversal analysis of territories allowing to ease decision-making process, optimize infrastructure and accelerate territories transformation.

Smart City platform

Interactive 3D data visualization for smart city planning

Data can then be displayed through customizable Web, AR/VR apps for the sharing and promotion of urban projects (urban planning, real estate, connectivity, energy performance, etc.) towards experts or a larger audience.

Developed around a plugin-based architecture, Smart City Explorer allows 3rd-party simulation software and other computational tools to be plugged in and used in an interactive way (noise, air quality, solar potential, wind, etc.). For example: S_5GConnect for wireless backhaul design or S_IoT for Internet of Things network planning.



Open and collaborative: facilitates info sharing and decision making


Urban planning: simulates urban transformation projects with high accuracy

Enhanced geodata: creates value with 3D visualization and immersive apps development


Plugin-based architecture: can be used with plugins for infrastructure and wireless network planning

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