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S_EMF is Siradel’s software for electromagnetic fields exposure simulation and measurement, checking compliancy with existing regulations and healthcare standards to ensure public safety.

S_EMF, EMF exposure simulation tool

Siradel provides an innovative solution, S_EMF, to simulate and analyze the exposure to the EMF produced by wireless technologies (cellular, WiFi, etc.) on the ground, buildings facades and roofs, and displays results in 3D.

Combining Siradel’s radio propagation and 3D GIS data expertise, S_EMF offers a reliable evaluation of the received indoor and outdoor total fields, including in sensitive locations such as schools or hospitals, therefore facilitating communication between wireless carriers, regulators and citizens, anticipating the impact of future projects.



Easier deployment: facilitates new site acceptance with 3D simulation and visualization


Reporting: facilitates communication with authorities through automatic/customized reports

Reliability: simulates EMF exposure with maximum accuracy to check compliancy with existing regulations


Packaged solution: provides turnkey tool from simulation to communication with stakeholders


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