Model, simulate, visualize, communicate in 3D

SIRADEL brings innovative solutions for enhancing connectivity between people, objects and urban infrastructures, and planning of smarter and sustainable cities. SIRADEL’s solutions encompass a common 3D repository based on thousands of 3D cities off-the-shelf, aggregated with any geospatial data, along with the Smart City Explorer series, which includes a core platform for interactive 3D visualization, simulation and smart city planning, and simulation components (S_Products’ expert software components), such as S_5GChannel, S_5GConnect and S_IoT in the field of connectivity.



SIRADEL is recognized for over 20 years as a world-class expert to advise and support all players of the telecom industry from operationnal planning of their wireless networks to the evolution and trends in terms of technology. Our solutions rely on the best-in-class Volcano propagation model, 3D city models optimized for digital simulation and a range of software and engineering services for ensuring the best connectivity at street level and reliable coverage assessment. Learn more

Cities must tackle environmental, organizational and societal challenges. The development of ICTs, especially in telecom, allows achieving innovative solutions to make cities more efficient, resilient, safe and pleasant to live. SIRADEL provides solutions improving planning of any urban infrastructures (wireless networks, transportation, energy…) while breaking down traditional silos and bringing connections between them. Learn more



3D cities

Editor of accurate 3D city models with thousands of cities available worldwide, and a large capability of production.


Radio engineering

Software and engineering for reliable coverage assessment and prediction and analysis of street level connectivity.



A Set of 3D-based software components and platform for smart city and wireless network planning


3D common repository

Bring to all city stakeholders a unique reference based on 3D modeling of a territory, enriched by geodata.



Simulations of physical phenomenas in cities including radio propagation, noise, particle dispersion, wind…



Cross-platform 3D engine for customized communication and marketing, 3D real-time visualisation, and video production.

Recent news & events

18th September

Join the beyond-5G community at GdR ISIS day – Call for papers now open

Siradel is proud to co-organize along with CEA-Leti, Centrale Supélec and ANFR the GdR ISIS day: Enabling Technologies for sub-TeraHertz... Read More →

Siradel continues its development in Lyon, France

Siradel, a subsidiary of the Engie Group based in St Grégoire, France, has just added new Smart City capabilities to... Read More →

What our clients say

“[…]We are quite impressed by SIRADEL professionalism and reactivity of its employees, and would recommend SIRADEL to anyone in charge of radio planning.“
LoRa project manager, Proximus Belgium
“The flexible SaaS access and the advanced features of S_IoT help us to answer specific requests from our customers at all stages of network life cycle: dimensioning, planning and monitoring.“
CTIO, Kerlink
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