When smart data governance and analysis support intelligent risk management policies for improved sites safety, performance and resilience

Digital Transformation impacts every market and business activity, including transportation, retail and manufacturing. This led to the emergence of the well known concept of Industry 4.0.

Based on a unique combination of data, people, processes, services, systems and innovative technologies such as cloud, advanced robotics, augmented reality or simulation, Industry 4.0 brings its own set of challenges. Among them are data security and compliance, the necessity to leverage both IT and OT technologies or the emergence of new risks.

Thus, industrial innovation needs to be fostered through the development and implementation of new processes and tools enabling to quickly identify and efficiently manage these risks through assets such as real time data and monitoring, resources optimization and automation to guarantee infrastructure resilience and durability.

Real-time indicators and analysis for intelligent risk management and infrastructure planning

Relying on advanced data analysis capabilities, and allowing to better anticipate, evaluate and manage risks, Siradel’s solutions address a wide range of smart industry applications to assist tertiary sites managers in their operations for higher business continuity, increased safety and improved resilience.

Digital twins

Real-Time Risk Management

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