Air Quality Improvement

With on-going environmental, digital and economical transitions, territories are facing more and more numerous and complex challenges. Among them comes air pollution that has now become a global issue, affecting both dense urban areas and rural areas, where citizens’ health and quality of life are directly impacted. In this context of urgent necessity to reduce air pollution and its consequences on aspects such as environment, energy, or urban well-being, the European project DIAMS (Digital Alliance for Aix Marseille Sustainability) was created. Aiming at improving air quality in Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, the project partners, gathering local authorities, private sector actors and citizens themselves, work together on the development and implementation of a unique digital platform for resources and services exchange.


Bringing its expertise in data modelling and innovative digital solutions, Siradel produces the territory’s 3D data and Digital Twin, aggregating air quality data coming from simulation results and real-time sensors.

Siradel also provides its open and collaborative Smart City Explorer platform, serving as a unique data concentrator, in which the Metropolis Digital Twin is exploited and visualized.

Siradel also participates in the development of customized use cases and maps adapted to the territory’s specific needs and challenges.

The produced high-quality maps will then be shared on the DIAMS project’s website, destined for public information and awareness.

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Using Siradel’s Smart City Explorer platform, the DIAMS project partners benefit from a comprehensive solution, combining advanced data aggregation, visualization and simulation capabilities, to assist the Metropolis territories’ in the solving of their specific challenges for the building of more resilient and pleasant places to live.

Allowing strong collaboration between all project stakeholders and easier information sharing towards citizens, the platform serves as a powerful co-construction tool for the implementation of relevant, efficient initiatives.

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