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A large range of services from geodata management to engineering and communication

SIRADEL’s services address the different steps of a project of deployment of an urban infrastructure. Our data management services are based on our knowhow in the field of production of a massive amount of 3D geodata, which is key to build and maintain a common 3D repository usable for all city stakeholders. Such a referential is used for computing urban indicators, allowing to assess the current city state, but also to design, plan or optimize wireless networks, and by extension, other urban infrastructures, wirelessly connected or not. We can also customize our 3D visualisation software Smart City Media for many applications, marketing, urban dashboard, supervision, or produce videos for communication purposes.

Data management

Geospatial big data

Based on its expertise in 2D and 3D geo-data production and visualization, SIRADEL has built a framework to organize, enrich and access geospatial data with cutting edge performance.

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3D common repository

The common 3D repository aims at bringing to all city stakeholders a unique and approved reference based on a 3D modeling of a territory (the foundation), enriched by any kind of geodata, while ensuring consistency between all of them.

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SIRADEL has developed cost-effective processes and tools to update its geographical data on a regular basis.

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Radio engineering

Network planning & optimization

SIRADEL is able to deal with challenging, complex, and specific radio propagation-related situations, aiming for coverage & capacity improvement.

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Technology & Strategy

SIRADEL can assist you on a wide range of challenging and complex topics, from radio spectrum management, to radio planning and optimisation, RAN sharing, smart cities, and Internet of Things.

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In addition to simulations of radio propagation, SIRADEL offers a large range of measurement data in a managed service approach (CW, scanner, handset data…). Our Mobile Mapping System embedded on vehicle also allows recording environmental measurements (lighting, heat losses…)

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Urban engineering

Urban indicators

SIRADEL assists its customers to assess the current state of an urban territory thanks to its strong expertise in GIS data management and processing, along with environmental 3D simulations.

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Infrastructures planning

The SIRADEL’s software and methodology enables our customers to dispose of a complete solution for planning in 3D any kind of urban networks.

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Software engineering

Smart City Media

Smart City Media is a 3D engine and framework that allows interactive display of 3D city models, along with any associated urban data: network infrastructures, urban projects, but also a large range of geo-referenced data (simulation outcomes, socio-economic data, urban indicators…).

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SIRADEL can support new demands and bring dedicated APIs to connect its products, or those of its customers, to an always more larger ecosystem.

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3D visualisation

The 3D data produced or integrated by SIRADEL can be displayed in many ways, at different scales, on different platforms, depending on the need. SIRADEL has been developing many 3D visualization techniques and modes of interaction with the 3D scene.

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SIRADEL can use 3D city models as a basis to produce videos. Precalculated 3D allows getting great image quality and a strong level of realism (light rendering, animations and special effects).

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