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5G channel simulation platform

The global spectrum shortage and the diverse emerging wireless applications have driven the investigation of innovative technologies and deployments for the next generation of mobile networks, known as 5G and IMT-2020. New wireless propagation channel models are required to address these new scenarios. They are necessary tools for the propagation characterization, but also for the design and evaluation of new technologies and systems, e.g. 3D beamforming or mmW massive MIMO. They also have a key role in 3GPP and IEEE standardizations.

SIRADEL, wireless propagation solution provider since 1994, is offering a new simulation solution for advanced 3D channel modeling. It combines Volcano model suite, advanced 3D display and analysis capabilities and 3D geo data, to offer a comprehensive solution to simulate and analyze propagation in any frequency bands and any outdoor and indoor environments. Resulting realistic channel predictions can be used in various tools (system-level simulator, channel emulator, etc.) for realistic performance assessment of new 4G and 5G spectrum usage, network deployment strategy, algorithms, hardware equipment, chipset design, etc.

Connectivity 2

3D space time multi path prediction

Video S_5GChannel massive MIMO Modeling

Video S_5GChannel mmW outdoor coverage with vegetation

Video S_5GChannel LIDAR optical visibility

What our clients say about S_5GChannel

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[…]“SIRADEL’s team offered wireless expertise and continuous support to our technology and product teams.The tool will be instrumental in the demonstration of capabilities and the relevance of OTFS for 5G and beyond, with standardization bodies, technology OEMs, and above all, service providers.
CEO, Cohere Technologies, USA
[…]SIRADEL’s tools offer an extremely advanced solution where both propagation models and Geodata are very accurate, and consequently the comparison of their predictions with measurements was on par with our highest expectations. Features such as simulation of 3D multipath, and diffuse scattering modelling are essential for accurate simulations and allowed us to confidently demonstrate OTFS performance advantages in a large variety of configurations.
Professor of the University of Southern California, who is a member of Cohere Technologies’ Technical Advisory Board


All-in-one channel modeling solution including stochastic and deterministic models


Dual-polarized antenna and spherical-wave modeling well suited for beamforming, massive MIMO, etc.

Most advanced deterministic tool: depolarization, diffusescattering, LIDAR-based modeling, etc


Flexible small to large scale scenario modeling with real and generic environments

Volcano model suite pre-tuned for sub-6GHz and mmW bands (incl. 28/42/60/73GHz)


3D visualization of scene, ray-paths, antenna patterns and arrays, etc.

Automatic path-loss model tuning from drive-test data

Easily interfaced with 3rd-party tools (Matlab result format, scripts, import/export)


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