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S_5GConnect, unique 5G network planning tool offers an innovative set of features to simulate with maximum accuracy any wireless link technology at various frequencies (sub6GHz, 6-42GHz and millimeter waves) and any link visibility (LoS, nLoS and NLoS).

S_5GConnect for Fixed Wireless Access

From traditional MicroWave links to Small Cell backhaul and Fixed Wireless Access links, S_5GConnect allows equipment vendors, Tier-1 telecom carriers and service providers to design and deploy any wireless backhaul links in the most challenging configuration and various environments (urban, suburban and rural).

With a technology permitting the inclusion of building or foliage obstruction in the propagation environment, combined with a powerful 3D visualization engine and offering automated link design features (topology, channel assignment, etc.), S_5GConnect is a cost-effective solution accelerating time-to-deployment and avoiding guess-work and rework.
In addition to the standalone desktop application, a cloud-based access enables the user to leverage SIRADEL’s high-quality 3D geodata and S_5GConnect to predict LOS and NLOS links without any hardware requirements.

S_5GConnect – Wireless Backhaul Design

S_5GConnect – 5G Fixed Wireless Access Design



Efficiency: simulates both Access and Backhaul in the same 3D environment for optimized design


Faster deployment: accelerates time-to-deployment with automated link design features

Accuracy: includes building and foliage obstructions for higher level of precision


Enhanced geodata: optimizes infrastructure assets with accurate, up-to-date 3D geodata

What our clients say about S_5GConnect

Tarana logo
Tarana radios’ immunity to obstructions, interference, and motion in wireless enterprise access and backhaul applications is unlike anything the industry’s ever seen — which means it’s all the more valuable to have an excellent link planning tool and live network expertise to help customers understand and take full advantage of the new deployment possibilities our unprecedented performance opens up.  Siradel’s S_5GConnect solution provides reliable pathloss and throughput estimation in challenging urban and suburban environments; the accuracy is even more remarkable wherever detailed 3D data is available, which is a perfect complement to our AbsoluteAir 2 links.
Rakesh Tiwari, Tarana’s VP, Product Management

When we founded Fastback Networks in 2010 we knew full well that we faced a tremendous challenge predicting performance for any given small cell backhaul location. We knew that conventional wisdom and techniques would be rendered useless when mounting locations were no longer on towers, but rather below the roof and tree lines. All major carriers were struggling to see how they could accurately predict the viability and performance of any given path. To solve this unprecedented industry threat we turned to Siradel and, together, we were able to leverage their cloud-based radio design tool S_5GConnect with their 3D Mapping to develop Fastbacks’ IBR Predict. Fastback has relied on Siradel’s technology to aid us in qualifying the IBR in over 12 Tier 1 Mobile Operators around the world.
Kevin Duffy, Co-Founder & CEO of Fastback Networks
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