Accelerating the transition

Accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable future

We deliver innovative technologies based on digital twins to improve decision-making, foster collaboration and engagement, and manage critical infrastructures.

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Digital twins as a catalyst for change

Data is at the core of transforming our cities and industries and plays a crucial role in understanding current conditions and future trends. By seamlessly integrating and analyzing vast amounts of data, digital twin solutions provide an immersive and data-rich experience that transform how you plan, build, and optimize your projects. Dive into the world of limitless possibilities, where data-driven simulations meet real-world applications.


Enabling positive transformation across sectors

By bringing data to life, we provide the insights and tools needed to face modern challenges related to digital transformation, climate resilience, and decarbonization that resonate across industries and communities.

A unique combination of expertise

A trusted subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, we offer digital solutions that translate into tangible results: reduced energy consumption, improved infrastructure planning, and greener, more livable cities.


3D modeling and geodata

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data and ai

Data and AI

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Software development

Software development

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Consulting project

Consulting and project management

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