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A large range of products from realistic 3D maps to geo-data, worldwide

SIRADEL is a top-tier editor of high resolution 3D cities with 50,000+ km2 off-the-shelf, and a large capability of production worldwide (existing cities or urban projects) from stereo satellite, aerial or terrestrial images, LiDAR or 3D graphics. This enables our customers to focus on their needs: simulation, planning, supervision, marketing…

Regions and countries

3D territories

SIRADEL has designed an innovative high-resolution 3D geodata product particularly adapted to very large territories. Based on high-resolution stereoscopic imagery, it offers highly detailed and accurate raster data models at optimised cost.

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2D territories

On any part of the globe, elevation models, land use data, orthoimages and vector maps are available for simulation or visualization at various resolutions, in any industry standard format.

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Transportation networks

Over the past 20 years, SIRADEL has gained extensive knowledge and experience in geodata production for transportation networks by providing products specifically designed for addressing rail & road industry challenges.

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3D cities

SIRADEL produces 3D cities at very large scale, all over the world, at any levels of detail. Buildings with flat or detailed roofs, textured with aerial or terrestrial images, but also main city infrastructures and vegetation. Models are ready for simulation and 3D visualisation.

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3D districts and buildings

Areas of interest need to be modeled with more details, especially when navigation at street level is required. SIRADEL models very realistic 3D models including building with architectural details, indoor, roads, street furniture, trees…

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SIRADEL developed a unique automatic production chain of 3D road models based on a multi-layered graph including the network itself, the graphical and the traffic level. This product is well-suited for driving simulation or animation at street level.

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Street level

360° panoramic

The SIRADEL’s Mobile Mapping System embedded on our vehicle allows scanning a city within a couple of days and acquiring high quality 360° panoramic views. Our panoramic camera can also be carried on a backpack to be used inside buildings.

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The SIRADEL’s Mobile Mapping System allows scanning a city within a couple of days. Points clouds, jointly used with imagery, are useful for many tasks such as measurements, automatic detection, classification or audit of urban infrastructures.

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The SIRADEL’s Mobile Mapping System embedded on our vehicle includes a thermal camera. Infrared images can be mapped onto building façades in 3D to evaluate heat losses during winter period.

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