Smart City Planning

We put our combined expertise in 3D GIS data analysis, visualization and simulation at the service of the development of unique smart solutions to design sustainable urban transformation and connected infrastructure.

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Advanced simulation for next-generation of wireless networks

Based on our 25+ years’ experience in radio planning and dozens of international collaborative research projects with best universities, we provide advanced simulation software for the planning of any wireless networks, including 5G, 4G, mmW, FWA… in any type of environment – indoor, outdoor – and configuration worldwide. Leveraging our world leading propagation model, Volcano, offering unrivalled computation speed, accuracy and robustness, combined with highly precise in house 2D & 3D GIS maps, we deliver the best in class coverage prediction tools as well as a unique automated solution for improved RAN design process performance (Bloonet) to support mobile operators in the design of efficient, sustainable indoor/outdoor wireless networks.

Multi-use case solutions for multi-infrastructure planning

Relying on our unique transversal approach, our solutions are designed to assist our customers in their deployment strategy and project planning for the design of smarter infrastructure networks. From the design of a new wireless network to the implementation of a new lighting system or deployment of a new CCTV network, our solutions, based on a multi service/application approach and allowing resources pooling and costs optimization, address all the city’s verticals and challenges including connectivity, security, mobility, energy and more.

Unrivaled Accuracy

High level of details with infrastructure and vegetation information


Relying on robust, high-performance tools

Multi use case

For transversal, multi-service applications


Relying on strong R&D skills and innovative in-house methodologies

Dedicated solutions for improved resiliency

Relying on our multi-sector expertise, we developed a unique, integrated resilience management solution delivering advanced data analytics, management and visualization capabilities. From audits to scenario identification and simulation or real-time indicators production, our risk management solution addresses both territories and industry challenges by allowing to better anticipate, assess, prevent, manage and rebound from encountered risks to assist our customers in their operations and the building of more resilient and sustainable infrastructure.

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