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Volcano 5G is an innovative propagation model, used worldwide by operators and equipment vendors, to design any wireless network, including 5G and IoT networks, in any environment and frequency band, including millimeter wave.

Volcano 5G for small cell and mmW network planning

Volcano ray-tracing propagation model for small cell
and mmW networks

Based on our 25 years’ experience in geodata production and radio engineering, Volcano 5G is the leading 5G propagation model combining an unrivaled accuracy at the best computation speed, with recognized robustness and reliability to cope with operational environments.


Volcano 5G builds upon the successful and market-leading capabilities of the Volcano ray-tracing solution by providing enhanced vegetation discrimination. Use of this feature offers an unrivalled level of details regarding foliage representation which enables users to obtain highly-accurate and realistic propagation under, through and above tree branches and foliage.

Users can then, easily and precisely, establish cost-effective and optimized designs around small cell locations, heights on poles, types and numbers of antennas required and more.

In addition to advanced vegetation discrimination, Volcano 5G has substantially improved modeling computation time by more than 50% and, in some cases, as much as 80%, compared to previous versions. With this new, innovative and optimized ray tracing calculation method, Volcano 5G users will benefit from much faster propagation modeling, particularly in large calculations and complex multi-path environments.

Volcano 5G makes your network design simple, transparent, accurate, fast, and time and cost saving at every stage of the network planning and deployment.



Accuracy: delivers realistic propagation thanks to enhanced vegetation discrimination method


Model calibration: reduces the number of drive tests and required accurate models

Fast modeling: improves computation time, up to 80%, in complex multi-path environments


Optimization: reduces the need for optimization thanks to accurate network design

What our clients say about Volcano


Volcano propagation model from Siradel allow us to simulate and define our objective in term of target plan. The accuracy of the coverage maps provided are a key element of our geo-marketing strategy.
Senior RAN Solution Engineer , Orange Belgium has been using Volcano since January 2004


Our partnership with SIRADEL enables us to address the needs of 5G mmWave bands including 28GHz, 38GHz and 42GHz today.
Thomas Neubauer, Teoco VP Innovation

Learn more about our partnership with Teoco here

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