3D Data & Digital Twins of territories

Mastering the entire production chain from data collection through map delivery, we provide accurate, fit-for-purpose 3D data and 3D models of cities, regions and countries offering an inclusive vision of your territory

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Accurate 3D data and maps

Relying on a strong expertise in data collection, production and exploitation, and in-house methodologies and tools, Siradel provides a large portfolio of optimized 3D GIS data products for smart city and wireless network planning. Using innovative technologies such as LiDAR, and offering large scale production capacity, Siradel delivers fit-for-purpose 2D/3D data and maps including vegetation and urban furniture information for maximum accuracy.

Digital Twins: A comprehensive representation of your territory

Aggregating and leveraging all the city’s data – of any type and source – in a common data referential, Digital Twins are a comprehensive, interactive and evolutive database enabling to consider all the territory’s verticals and challenges. As a specialist in 3D modelling and visualization, we provide thousands of Digital Twins of territories at any scale – Region, City-state, Campus, City, District – and level of details to meet any use case.

Optimized data

For Smart City and Radio planning

High accuracy

Unrivalled level of details

Unique database

Data aggregation and sharing

Integrated vision

Of all the territory’s challenges

Combined with Smart City platforms

Serving as the core platform to aggregate, cross-correlate, share and visualize data, our 3D data modelling and Digital Twins solutions allow better territory analysis and planning when combined with open, collaborative Smart City platforms.

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