Engie – Siradel, an effective alliance for the sustainable transformation of the University of Ohio

Engie is a lead partner of cities and territories in accompanying them in their transformation and energy revolution.

Engie’s expertise, combined with the Siradel’s new urban 3D planning tools, allows precise visualization of the impact of a development on a complex site, thus facilitating the decision-making process on any project.

In this project for the sustainable transformation of the University site, Siradel created campus models> to contextualize Engie’s technical offer, including  an immersive video: see the video made by Siradel.

Siradel’s expertise demonstrated convincingly how Engie could meet the future needs of one of the largest American University campuses in its sustainable energy management.

This work contributed to the choice of Engie, by the State University of Ohio, for exploitation and optimization of its energy infrastructure for the next 50 years.

Read Engie’s press release

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