Netzikon and telent GmbH trust in S_IoT planning tool of Siradel

SIRADEL, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Network Planning and Optimization (LPWAN), and Netzikon subsidiary of telent GmbH – a euromicron Group company, a German network systems and solutions provider, have signed a global agreement for the use in SaaS of S_IoT, SIRADEL IoT Planning tool for the roll-out of a nationwide LoRaWan™ network in Germany. The network has already been deployed in Stuttgart, and roll-out to other cities continues, with national coverage expected to be complete by 2018.

S_IoT allows efficient implementation of Smart City solutions and Machine-to-Machine connectivity. In Smart City concepts, Netzikon will use S_IoT to reduce time to market and time to performance for various services such as smart lighting, smart metering, smart parking systems or intelligent and waste management solutions.

“SIRADEL’s tool for radio planning is absolutely state of the art. The very comfortable and flexible SaaS access helps Netzikon to provide just in time customer oriented radio planning for the LoRaWan™ Network considering the wide range of use cases to be achieved by telent.
Project Manager LoRaWan Network, telent Germany

Netzikon GmbH is a subsidiary of telent GmbH and was founded 2016. The company offers digital services for connecting and networking intelligent devices based on LoRa® wireless technology. telent  GmbH – a euromicron Group company – is an independent vendor of solutions relating to networks and systems for critical infrastructure and operational and safety-related communication. The company supports its customers in design, planning, installation, integration, operation and maintenance as well as with additional, comprehensive services. telent’s customers are public authorities and companies, particularly in the rail, transport infrastructure, energy, IT and telecommunications.


For over 20 years, SIRADEL, owned by ENGIE, has offered innovative solutions to improve connectivity between people, objects and urban infrastructure, and since 2008 has provided planning solutions that take all the structural developments of the sustainable and connected city of tomorrow into account. SIRADEL solutions include the creation of a shared repository of data from 3D modelled cities coupled with geospatial data from the relevant area, as well as the Smart City ExplorerTM software, an open and interactive 3D visualisation platform that features 3D simulation and smart city planning modules. Based in France (HQ), Canada and China, SIRADEL has over 250 key account clients in more than 60 countries, including telecoms operators and equipment manufacturers, local authorities, municipalities, energy suppliers, transport companies, and national and international authorities.

Contact: Vincent Weis – – +33(0)223 480 509

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