Principality of Monaco : a unique Digital Twin and digital services platform at the service of the territory transformation

Principality of Monaco : a unique Digital Twin and digital services platform at the service of the territory transformation

Press release: Monaco, October 25th, 2021

The Principality of Monaco deploys its 3D Digital Twin and a Digital Services platform, unique in the world, to drive the territory’s digital transformation.
Since 2018, the Princely Government of Monaco, has collaborated with Siradel – an ENGIE group company – as part of its Extended Monaco program, to develop the 3D Digital Twin of its territory with unrivaled accuracy and deploy a unique Digital Services platform for its operational management of departments and partners. At the heart of the Principality’s Smart City approach, this platform is a true strategic management and decision support tool as part of the driving, communication and promotion of development projects and public policies towards citizens.

This 3D Digital Twin of the entire Monaco Principality’s territory, initiated by the Princely Governement which entrusted Siradel and the SMEG (Monegasque Electricity and Gaz company) for its development, is one of the most complete and precise 3D digital twins the world has ever seen. It will aggregate and manage all the relevant data of the Princely Government services, delegates and, soon, private partners, securely, in SIRADEL’s Smart City Explorer platform – a unique, collaborative platform allowing easier, digital data sharing between Heads of departments, technical services, private partners, elected officials and citizens of the Principality of Monaco.

Delivering advanced computation and 3D visualization capabilities, Monaco’s Digital Twin also serves as a prospective tool enabling the evaluation and simulation of future transformation impacts on numerous indicators regarding topics such as urban well-being, construction planning or the environment.

With digital technology as the basis for the management of the projects led by the Principality’s Operational Departments, the platform has been deployed since the end of last year on a first strategic topic: the coordination of public-private construction work.  Its first users are all the Principality’s operational services departments including the Urban Planning Department, the Prospective, Urban Planning and Mobility Department and the Public Works Department.

Other use-cases such as resiliency in regards to climate change impacts (urban heat islands, floods) and environment through green cadastre are also under co-development.

We are very happy to collaborate with the Principality of Monaco and its service organizations to make an integrated, smart city approach operational. This collaboration is also the opportunity to implement together, the latest innovations applied to the transformation of a territory that places “digital” at the heart of its development strategy”. Laurent Bouillot, CEO, Siradel.

Monaco Principality’s Digital Twin is one of the most complete ever produced.  It will contribute to the improvement of Monaco’s citizens’ and residents’ quality of life through the simulation of urban infrastructure, a better anticipation of construction work and a coordinated assistance for emergency procedures.” Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate for Digital Transition, Princely Government of Monaco.

Through the acquisition of Siradel’s unique 3D Digital Twin* and 3D data exploitation platform, the Principality of Monaco has equipped itself with the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge digital solutions that allow consideration of all the characteristics and challenges of its territory in an inclusive way.  Thus, the Principality of Monaco positions itself as a major player, globally, in terms of economic development via digital technology, urban resilience and respect of the environment.
*The 3D Digital Twin of the Principality of Monaco will be showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai on the Principality’s Pavilion till 31st March 2022 and at the pop-up pavilion installed in the Principality.

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