With new technologies and ways of communicating arising come new applications, uses, challenges and the need for innovative tools to work towards the building of an efficient, reliable and sustainable connectivity

With the rise of 5G and beyond, delivering unrivalled speed and low latency, emerge new perspectives and yet-to-explore use cases. Along with this, also come other challenges such as network densification, processes transformation – with automation rising and appearing as key to support 4G and 5G network design – and of course the obligation to comply with existing regulations regarding data security and EMF exposure when it comes to new sites deployment.

Tackling these challenges requires the development and use of innovative tools offering features such as advanced foliage management, highly-precise channel modeling or propagation analysis or automation to allow telecom operators around the world to achieve their quality and capacity objectives and meet their RAN planning needs.

Thus, telecom operators turn to solutions offering maximum efficiency and reliability to optimize their future network deployments as well as infrastructure and resource utilization while guaranteeing optimal performance for enhanced service and customer experience.

Advanced propagation modeling, simulation and automation for enhanced connectivity

Relying on a 25+ years experience in environment and propagation modeling and leveraging advanced 3D data/maps, Siradel’s solutions portfolio encompasses innovative, automated solutions to help telecom operators tackle their current and future challenges for the design and roll out of optimal wireless networks (5G, FWA, mmW, Backhaul, etc.).


“We are very happy with S_5GChannel simulation capabilities, powered by Volcano propagation models. It perfectly fits with our challenging requirements for intelligent radio network in Beyond 5G. The level of expertise and support provided by Siradel is also very professional and responsive.” 

Takahiro Hayashi

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Think, design and optimize next-generation infrastructure networks

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