Bloonet web services

Bloonet Web Services is a unique cloud-native framework dedicated to the automation of 4G/5G planning operations inclusive of the customization, generation and visualization of KPI and analytics

Relying on a comprehensive SDK (REST API, Scripts) and cloud-native/microservice architecture, Bloonet is a unique solution enabling operators to gain significant efficiency through automated end to end design tasks and operations as well as customized analytics.

Delivering both advanced scalability and interoperability, Bloonet can easily integrate and augment an existing ecosystem allowing to automatically generate KPI and share them via Siradel’s Smart City Explorer platform to various teams across an organization (Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Support).

Some use cases examples include the automation of nationwide coverage maps, analytics report or the analysis of area and customers serviceability.

Smart City Explorer Web offers unique capabilities for all stakeholders (both technical and non technical teams) to visualize data, network information, analytics and coverage maps within a common Digital Twin

Relying on Volcano‘s technology, Volcano Web controlled through REST API guarantees unrivaled propagation simulation accuracy across all frequency bands thanks to its leading ray-tracing capabilities

4G and 5G simulations are delivered with Systema for network coverage, interferences and analytics across nationwide or city areas

Planning tools
RF Planning tools
A comprehensive suite of RF planning and simulation tools dedicated to Wireless Networks design (5G Private Networks, FWA and IoT LoRa deployments) and in-depth wireless channels analysis and modeling (MIMO, Dynamics simulations, RIS)
Volcano propagation model
Volcano is an innovative propagation model, used worldwide by operators and equipment vendors, to design any wireless network, including 5G and IoT networks, in any environment and frequency band, including millimeter wave.