Planning Tools

Siradel offers a wide range of E2E planning tools, powered by its unique Smart City Explorer platform, to help its customers design their Private, FWA and IoT LoRa networks and accelerate network deployment by streamlining site acquisition for Electromagnetic Field Exposure regulations.


Powered by Volcano Ray-Tracing and Smart City Explorer 3D platform, S_5GConnect is an advanced simulation tool to address the most challenging wireless network designs in both outdoor and indoor environments. With unique, unrivaled features for Private Networks, Small-Cells, Fixed Wireless Access and Backhaul Network designs, S_5GConnect delivers intuitive and easy to use workflows for regular or advanced users.

5G simulations

Simulates the technology’s key characteristics defined in the standard

All in one solution

Suitable for Outdoor, Indoor, Hybrid
Mobile, Fixed

Joint Automation

A unique joint layer automation for Access and Backhaul simulation

3D environment

Relies on a 3D native environment for a full view of the network performance


S_5GChannel is a simulation solution dedicated to a fine understanding and evaluation of the wireless channel. Leveraging Volcano ray-tracing simulations combined with processing algorithms, S_5GChannel delivers key insights on complex use cases in both outdoor and indoor environments (MIMO performance assessment, RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces) evaluation, Dynamic scenarios).

5G and 6G compliancy

Support of mmW frequency
bands, MIMO simulation, RIS, etc.


Based on Volcano ray tracing for accurate simulations

Advanced analysis

Dynamic simulation for V2x
scenarios, channel
modelling capabilities, etc.


Easy interface with external
tools w/ scripting frameworks.


S_EMF is a unique simulation software designed for the modelling and analysis of EMF exposure from any wireless technologies (2G, 3G,
4G, 5G, WiFi , etc.). By streamlining the report generation, it
helps operators accelerate site deployment and save time.

5G compliancy

Complete management of 5G
specificities (mmW, beamforming)


Leveraging Volcano with suitable parameters for
EMF measurement

Time saving

Relies on intuitive workflows, 3D environment & template


Easily adaptable to local regulations


Leveraging its long term experience as a LoRa Alliance member, Siradel provides S_IoT, a complete, easy-to-use solution (also available in SaaS), with the ambition to support legacy operators or new entrants in the roll out of their IoT network.


LoRa specific features compliance
(Spreading factors,


Unique simulation capabilities
for optimal accuracy and


Automatic optimization
features to maximize ROI

E2E solution

Complete, easy-to-use solution,
also available in SaaS

Volcano Propagation model
Volcano 5G is an innovative propagation model, used worldwide by operators and equipment vendors, to design any wireless network, including 5G and IoT networks, in any environment and frequency band, including millimeter wave.
Bloonet Web Services
A unique cloud-native framework, dedicated to network automation to support operators around the world in their 4G and 5G design and optimization.